Quality Standards

If there is one thing that Herbal Products & Development stands for it’s our high quality ingredients and formulations. The following factors separate the Herbal Products and Development standards from the rest of the bunch.

Time Tested

We have had almost 30 years to meticulously comb over each incarnation of each product and each ingredient used for all of our formulas. We have seen thousands of people use every one of our pills, powders, oils, and lotions thousands of times. You don’t have to worry about new products creating unexpected side effects or being different from batch to batch because all that was sorted out a long time ago. Clinically Tested: It’s not simply enough for us to create a product, slap a label on it and consider it done. We have completed 9 double-blind, placebo-controlled, peer-reviewed studies using 10 of our different original formulas against a host of major health conditions. All of our studies blew away the MD’s with their impressive results and are a testament to our impeccable dedication to excellence.

Extracts VS Powders

We understand that we are not the only company out there creating a green powder or a liver formula so we have taken the time to make sure that we truly have the capacity to pull ahead of the competition with superior sourcing and the use of high potency herbal extracts. The vast majority of herbal product companies use 1:1 powders for their products and claim to be using the highest quality possible. Almost all of our formulas are predominantly comprised of super strength extracts, sometimes as much as 28:1. The extracts are created by cold processing machines that spray multiple levels of fresh and chemical free liquid concentrate on premium dried powder until the finished batch meets certain testing standards. While this makes our products significantly more expensive to create it also dramatically improves our therapeutic potency and absorption.

Advanced Formulation Methods

We have spent years identifying critical co-factors, enzymatic couplings, and companion herbs that synergize each formula to its maximum capacity. No ingredient is added or subtracted without careful examination of how it will impact the entire batch. Our methods of formulation far exceed many natural product companies haphazardly concocted products.


Most of the world’s finest restaurants will return any product that falls below their quality standards. We treat each one of our ingredients as a critical part of the whole and won’t settle for anything less than the best source. We will return any product that does not meet our criteria and stop working with companies that do not keep up their quality.Additionally, some of the sourcing companies that we work with have actually gone organic or otherwise improved their level of product quality through their relationship with Herbal Products and Development. We always seek long-term partnerships with companies that see our vision and work to meet our stringent needs.

Organic and Wild Crafted

We always demand a Certificate of Authenticity on the ingredients we source and always seek to purchase certified organic and sustainably wildcrafted product. Some of our suppliers do not believe in these certifications and actually seek to exceed the organic certification standard. Ultimately, our focus rests on product quality, so we will select a stronger non-organic product over a weaker certified version, but we always encourage our sources to take the extra (though sometimes expensive) step of getting themselves certified.

No Filler or Binders

We never put filler material in our products. All ingredients are functional and predominantly wholefoods based.

Results Driven Formulas

The formulas we make here are the same ones we consume ourselves and give to our families. Everything that has been created in our line has been designed from over 30 years of experience. Paul Gaylon (our formulator) has traveled the entire globe many times while studying indigenous remedies and intercontinental botany for a whole host of ailments and has translated much of that experience to his product development.