We support a variety of community projects, locally, regionally, and internationally. Our goal is that 10% of our profits will be dedicated to these projects. These include:



UnifiedCommunity.info: A free, non-commercial meta site resource listing over 1,500 sites on the broad themes of sustainability, new paradigm thinking, & solutions, with about a hundred subcategories.

ExploringBotanicals.com: Projected website on botanical photos for tropical/temperate medicinal plants. In English and Latin names with brief descriptions for each plant.

Hemp Hemp Hooray!: The Growing Industrial Hemp Market videos donated to various state libraries as an educational resource on how hemp can improve the environment and economy.

Alcohol Can Be a Gas (book on ethanol) by David Blume: Helped support and research.

FOSL (Foundation of Sustainable Living, Santa Cruz/Mendicino, CA): Development of
skill sets for teaching and mentorship for sustainability. All ages.


Environmental / Conservation:

North Coast Environmental Center (Arcata, CA)
Open Space Alliance (Santa Cruz, CA)
Save-the-Redwoods League (San Francisco, CA)
Sempervirens Fund (Los Altos, CA) Supporting the Lompico Headwaters campaign.


Local Advocacy:

Gemma (Santa Cruz, CA) Helping women in transition. Have provided grants and given talks on motivation, psychology, mentorship, health & nutrition. Helped schedule other speakers, organize events, projects, infrastructure.

Community organizations: Worked with a variety, freely donating time and resources, helping with infrastructure, focus, and direction for projects such as directing the first Santa Cruz Industrial Hemp Expo, co-founding a community forum for non-profit groups called Synergy Party, and working with Gaia Song, Vision Quest, and others. Created numerous local events to support natural health, music, and culture.



Pen & notebooks project Through monasteries, schools, and direct contact in Southeast Asia provided writing materials to children so that they have a chance to write and draw.

Sri Rakum School for the Blind Orphanage for blind children in Bangalore, India. Helped fund food and supplies.

Boca de Tomatlan, Mexico Helped build a safe footbridge linking two sides of a river and in clean up for local sanitation, and also donated nutritional supplements to their clinic.

Village program Providing basic nutrition (rice) for a village in Burkina Faso (Africa). Working to film and archive village life in traditional culture in this part of the world, contributing to a related documentary.



Public Radio:

KKUP (Santa Clara, CA) Provided ethnic & world music programming grant.