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Capsule Formulations

Each of our capsule formulations has been painstakingly crafted over the years to protect, nurture, and empower the body by boosting natural health while combating a wide variety of ailments. We use high-powered sourcing and the most advanced formulation methods possible. Our meticulous ingredient-combining and cutting-edge compound combinations are what has allowed for the impressive results seen in our gold-standard clinical tests. Each bottle is geared to be a 2-month supply.

NOTES:  Some capsuled products can be purchased in vacuum-sealed bags and/or recycled bottles. A few extra capsules are included in every vacuum-sealed bag or recycled bottle. Please let us know if you are interested in alternative packaging via the Notes field in your order form. 
We have decided to discontinue Inflazyme. We will be offering the 3 components that make up Inflazyme separately at a discount. More details soon.
Adrenal & KIdney Tonic - 120 800mg vegi caps
Energy Enzyme Blend 6 oz powder dietary supplement
Available as Capsules or Powder blend
Flex Connect Plus - 120 800mg vegi caps
Global Male Tonic - 90 800mg vegi caps
Golden Lite caps - 180 800mg vegi caps
Liver Restore - 120 800mg vegi caps
MSM-Acerola 125 veggie caps 900mg each
Mushroom Power Supreme
OXY-OXC - 180 capsules
Power Plus Food Enzymes 200 vcaps 500 mg
Saw Palmetto - 60 320mg vegi caps
Vita Power