120 veggie caps 800mg each. Formulated to re-energize the adrenals back to their optimal balance. Composed of well-known full spectrum plant extract adaptogens that support adrenal functions as well as kidneys, thyroid gland, & the immune system.

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Support for Stress, Anxiety, & Normalizing Energy levels

Suggested Use: Take 2–4 capsules daily with water.

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All of us have known the condition: anxiety, fatigue, low energy, irritability, hypertension, exhaustion, and burnout. It happens when our adrenal glands go into chronic overdrive and then get overtaxed. The two tiny adrenal glands just on top of the kidneys have the normal function of secreting cortisol and other stress-engaging hormones when a situation demands that we become totally alert so that immediate action—the flight or fight reaction—can be taken. These are situations of urgency, threat, or danger. But when an ongoing situation is one of chronic stress, the adrenals can be overworked and thrown out of balance; they can even cease to function properly. Then fatigue and burnout set in and the body can start shutting down. 

Adrenal & Kidney Tonic is formulated to re-energize the adrenals back to optimal balance. It is composed of well-known adaptogenic, full-spectrum plant extracts that support adrenal function, in turn supporting kidneys, thyroid, and the immune system, and helping both body and mind bounce back from conditions of fatigue and burnout. It helps regulate blood sugar, stimulates blood flow, and has both a calming and vitalizing action; the mind stays alert in a healthy way. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.


Ingredients in our Adrenal & Kidney Tonic:

Siberian Eleuthero (.8,10:1)  Sourced from Northern Europe and Asia. This is the classic and best known of the superior adaptogens, providing energy reserves for the body and helping in the recovery from both physical and emotional stress. It helps bring back and maintain our vitality. It has a normalizing and balancing effect on blood pressure, nerves, the endocrine and circulatory systems, on protein and fat metabolism, and supports the kidneys. It is good for endurance, productivity, and calming and steadying the mood. Because it is a glandular tonic, it is strongly supportive of the adrenals and the entire endocrine system.

Ashwagandha (10:1, 2.5 Withanolides)  Sourced from India. Also one of the superior adaptogens, it is known to improve the body’s overall reaction to chronic stress. It helps in reducing anxiety, nervous exhaustion, and aids with sleep, memory, and mental cognition issues. As a recognized nerve tonic, it promotes healthy brain function. It relaxes the body while providing sustained energy, like Siberian Eleuthero. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is used to treat weakness. It helps bring oxygen to red blood cells, and like Reishi, it helps strengthen the immune system. It provides strong support for both kidneys and adrenals.

Rhodiola Rosea (20:1, 3%+ rosavins)  Sourced from Northern Europe and Asia. Well known for reducing fatigue, as it benefits energy levels and physical performance, including muscle recovery, dexterity, and strength. It helps relieve stress, supporting a relaxed sense of well-being and a positive mental state. It balances blood glucose and cardiovascular levels, helping to maintain healthier levels of insulin.

Reishi (full spectrum extract)  Sourced from U.S.A. Mushrooms are also well known for their adaptogenic tonic benefits. As an adaptogen, Reishi nourishes and tonifies the body, adapting it to conditions of stress. It removes toxins and calms the nervous system. It is a natural defense in fortifying the body, therefore enhances immune functioning. In China, it is highly revered for its traditional longevity properties.

Fo-Ti (12:1)  Sourced from China. Another adaptogen is well known for the rejuvenation of the body, nourishing nerves, and brain cells, alleviating fatigue and replenishing energy for physical performance. It cleanses the blood, detoxifies, helps circulation, and supports liver, kidneys, and adrenals. As a tonic, it helps maintain and preserve the body.

Schisandra (10:1, 9%)  Sourced from China. Also a classic adaptogen that balances body functions and helps increase our resistance to stress. It helps the body adapt to a wide variety of challenging conditions. It benefits cognitive functioning with its ability to both stimulate and calm the central nervous system, thereby sharpening concentration and memory and improvingreflex action. It helps optimize energy.

Each bottle contains 120 capsules, 800 mg of nutrients per capsule.

Suggested Use: 2–4 capsules daily or as needed.


Units in box: 1