200 vegi caps, 525mg each. An immune-enhancing energy complex with concentrated levels of wide-working enzymes, powerfully aids in the fight against all forms of inflammation.

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Suggested Use: Take 2 to 4 capsules per day between meals for metabolic use with plenty of water.

Enzymes operate at the very foundation of life. We could not live without them. Found in every cell of the body, enzymes are energized protein molecules that catalyze and regulate nearly every biochemical reaction that occurs in the body. Many people are familiar with digestive enzymes that help break down food and are aware that such enzymes can be taken as a supplement, but an enzyme supplement can do so much more.

Since enzymes are active throughout every cell of the body—these are often called metabolic enzymes—it is possible to take a systemic, therapeutic approach to enzyme supplementation. One common, painful, often chronic condition in the body is inflammation: It is the body’s natural response to injury and the danger posed by invading pathogenic organisms. However, inflammation readily becomes an aggravated condition of the auto-immune reaction, causing ongoing redness, swelling, and pain. At the source of this condition are dead, decaying, and auto-immune system-produced, unnecessary proteins. The most important category of enzymes in the body is those that literally eat proteins.

Serrapeptase is a powerful proteolytic enzyme (one that breaks down protein) isolated from the non-pathogenic bacterial species Serratia. It was first found in the intestines of silk worms. This enzyme, it was discovered, allowed the silk worm to dissolve its cocoon, composed of very strong protein fiber, in order to go on to become an adult moth. Serrapeptase has been shown to be able to digest dead tissue, blood clots, cysts, and the arterial plaque that causes blockage of the arteries in coronary patients. It is able to reduce inflammation, preventing, then, pain-inducing substances from collecting in damaged tissue. Its most welcome benefit for the inflammation sufferer is the reduction of pain.

Other conditions are improved with systemic enzyme supplementation. Fibrosis (formation of scar tissue) is also common throughout the body, not only from any injuries, however minor, but it also develops in all our organs simply through the process of aging. Serrapeptase is able to eat away at the fibrin of scar tissue, wherever it does occur in the body. It can be helpful in reversing the condition known as fibromyalgia. Another ability of systemic enzymes is that they are immune modulating, therefore aid in any imbalanced auto-immune condition. They are also able to eat the protein coating of viruses, thereby inactivating them. Perhaps most important for the overall health of the body is blood cleansing—systemically-functioning enzymes remove toxins, impurities, and oxidizing protein from the bloodstream. So they serve in an antioxidant role also.

Inflazyme, using Serrapeptase, is specially formulated for systemic use. It helps normalize blood clotting, reduces the fluid of edema (a result of inflammation), replaces dead and worn out tissue, cleans out the bloodstream, and speeds up, as a result, the overall healing process. Chronic inflammatory conditions of the auto-immune system should be noticeably improved. Serrapeptase has been an important ingredient in our Flex-Connect Plus formula, which is specifically aimed at joint inflammation. Inflazyme, with concentrated levels of wide-working enzymes, powerfully aids in the fight against all forms of inflammation.

Inflazyme also uses our Power Plus food enzymes, which synergistically supplements the systemic action of the formula. The Power Plus complex, containing strong, full-spectrum enzymes able to digest all types of foods, can also work to function metabolically between meals. Together with Serrapeptase, a powerful master enzyme, a whole chain of concentrated enzymatic processes are set into motion. Power Plus itself contains protease, another protein-digesting enzyme, as well as bromelain, which helps to accelerate wound healing, and papain, two also well-known, powerful, proteolytic enzymes. The formula is backed by the rich vitamin C source Amla, extracted from the Indian gooseberry, and by rutin, a bioflavonoid antioxidant that is known to strengthen blood vessels. Also used is an inner fillet aloe vera concentrate, with its anti-inflammatory properties. For more information on Aloe Vera, see our Aloe Vera product profile.

200 vegicaps, 525 mg each per bottle