2 oz. Use Liver Aid’s unique combination of powerful, yet gentle adaptogenic extracts to nourish the health and functioning of your liver.

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A healthier liver creates a healthier life!

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Instructions: Shake well and take one full dropper 1-2 times per day or as directed by a physician. Meant to complement our Liver Restore capsules and Kidney Aid Elixir.

The liver is an amazing organ that is critical for human health and functioning. Not only does the liver filter over a liter of blood each minute, but also converts all consumed food into the chemicals the body needs to grow and remain healthy. More specifically, it eliminates ingested, internally produced, toxic substances from the blood, produces bile (a liquid that is essential for digestion), stores certain vitamins, minerals, and sugars, controls the production and excretion of cholesterol, monitors and maintains blood composition, produces immune factors that help the body fight off infection, and can deliver boosts of energy when needed.

Ultimately, when we keep our liver clean and functioning properly it dramatically boosts the overall health of our system and protects us against disease and toxins. The liver is your most critical line of internal defense against the ravages of modern industrialized life, food, and pollution. We created Liver Aid to add a convenient liquid extract to your daily liver care.

Use Liver Aid’s unique combination of powerful, yet gentle adaptogenic extracts to nourish the health and functioning of your liver. Conveniently squeeze into your water, smoothie, soup, or on food for cumulative support over time. Liver Aid is perfect for traveling professionals and people living in cities.

Liver Aid has been formulated to be a cleansing and purifying tonic that helps to clear a congested liver. The formula is gentle on the body.



Milk thistle: The classic, worldwide liver herb. As a liver protector, it counteracts the effects of numerous chemicals and toxins. Its active compound silymarin has the ability to inhibit agents that are responsible for liver damage, at the same time stimulating growth helping new liver cells to replace those damaged. Milk thistle is the go to seed for liver detoxification, cleansing, and helping with toxic overload.

Turmeric: A true blood purifier and liver tonic. Well known as a liver protector: its compound curcumin possesses the ability to protect the liver by detoxifying carcinogens. It decongests the liver and stimulates bile production for digestion and absorption of fats. Turmeric, comprised of the many medicinal and nutrient compounds in the plant, is legendary for its culinary uses and its anti-inflammatory properties.

Dandelion Root: A blood purifier and recognized liver tonic. It stimulates the liver to detoxify poisons; it aids in the recovery from many kinds of liver disease. A classic American bitter tonic herb.

Burdock Root: Another blood purifier and liver tonic. Neutralizes and eliminates poisons in the system, thereby supporting both the liver in its detoxification pathways and kidneys with regard to fluid balance.

Yellow dock  A digestive tonic which helps with intestinal secretions to break down foods and absorb nutrients.

Schizandra: Premier herb of China; it contains all five of the elemental tastes. An adaptogenic tonic, it is a powerhouse for regulating stress and helping the body adapt to a variety of challenging conditions. A youth giving tonic, it breaks up blood stagnation, alleviates fatigue, and increases RNA levels. It’s immune modulating properties fortify the body in curbing illness and disease.

Chanca Piedra (Stone breaker):  Has many kidney and liver detoxification benefits, thereby also increasing bile production. Its bitter action helps clean the blood and improve circulation.

Rehmannia (Prepared):  A Chinese root which is known for its blood purifying and revitalizing properties. Helps the body assimilate nutrients and eliminate waste, therefore nourishing for the liver and kidneys.

Eclipta: A Chinese herb that is known to nourish and tonify the liver and kidneys, addressing their deficiency conditions. It cools the blood, thus helping people with excessive body heat, fever, or nervousness.


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