8 oz. A powerful new breakthrough in water purification and a potent detoxifier. Sulfated Ionic Minerals bound to oxygen in a structured water matrix.

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Hydrates while detoxifying the body

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Only recently is research coming to a better understanding of this life-giving substance we know as water. The molecule H2O is now understood to have more complex properties than what was previously thought. Water molecules, research now shows, can take on a variety of special forms, called structured water. Water can be alive with energy and taste good and clean, or it can be flat and dead, and worse still, contaminated with pollutants. Remarkably, water can also be purified and recharged.

Water expert Dr. Gerald Pollack has written extensively on what he calls the fourth phase of water, which is structured water or also called hexagonal water. This water is softer and wetter, with more surface area. This previously neglected phase of water, which is still a liquid form but organized more like a crystal—more viscous, almost gel-like — creates, according to his research, an “exclusion zone”; Dr. Pollack calls it EZ water. In this zone, any contaminants are pushed away from the water molecules. This process, called agglutination, a type of chelation, means that contaminants can be literally dropped out of the water and rendered inert. This is a more energized water, having extra hydrogen and oxygen atoms, which also gives it the optimal ability to facilitate important biochemical processes in the cells of the body. This crystalline charged water is created naturally when water is in vortex motion, such as when water swirls and flows swiftly from glacial melting or gushing springs. The famous Hunza water from the high mountains of Pakistan, known to help promote longevity, is produced precisely by the action of melting glaciers. Underwater volcanic activity and hot springs also produce this structured water, with the added beneficial feature of highly charged sulfate minerals. This is why hot springs have such healing properties. Charged, liquid crystalline water, with its many layers of hexagonal organization, aligns itself like a school of fish or a flock of birds that move together as a unified whole.

Another researcher, Masaru Emoto, author of The Hidden Message of Water, wrote about the electromagnetic transmission of crystalline water and its effects on plant growth. He also found that crystal snowflake forms (which illustrate electrical structuring potential) correlated with certain levels of consciousness, much like a feedback loop.

A powerful, new breakthrough in water purification that applies these principles is the use of a highly compact black mica called biotite; it is found in crystalline deposits in volcanic areas. Biotite creates H3O2, water with an extra charge of hydrogen and oxygen. Its sulfate ionic minerals bound to oxygen have undergone intense temperatures and pressure. When biotite is added to water, it releases the hydrogen charge that will structure it and keep the minerals in its activated ionic form. This charged water with its extra oxygen
also makes for a potent detoxifier. The sulfate mineral salts of our OxyMin Sparkle, based on biotite, create structured water, exactly in the way that Dr. Pollack talks about EZ water. OxyMin Sparkle not only purifies water but also cleanses our body as we drink it as well. Its ionic sulfate minerals bound to this special structured water easily permeate cells, steadily remaining active in their cleansing power, working much like a big filter throughout the body. The minerals change simple oxygen to detoxifying O2, while silica (which is also important in bones) and trace minerals carry off toxic byproducts to be eliminated. The activated oxygen O2 remains in solution to help continue in purification, synergizing with the minerals in transforming all types of pollutants into harmless compounds. Depending on the quality of the water one starts with, sometimes the interior of the container holding this structured water will have a band of discoloration from the contaminants having been pulled out. OxyMin Sparkle acts on contaminants such as heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, petrochemicals, nitrates, pathogens, molds, fungi, and bacteria, such as E. coli. This has all been verified through research lab tests and analysis. OxyMin Sparkle also has a long-term stability.

In the body, structured water helps with essential biochemical processes in cells. Minerals must be able to dissolve to assure that they are useful in the body. OxyMin Sparkle carries the necessary ionic charge for all biochemical activity. The minerals are bound to sulfur in a readily absorbable form, thereby playing their key role in physiological functioning, immune strength, enzyme transport and activity, and protein assimilation. Highly charged minerals are a transport for water getting into cells, in contrast to “dead” water, which doesn’t enter the cells. These minerals are also key nutrient cofactors for food. Most disease conditions, including allergies, imply a lack of bioavailable minerals. Electrolytes (macro-essential minerals), such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium, need to always be replenished, as they have important conductive roles in water and food. Trace minerals are also crucially important in hundreds of biochemical processes; Dr. Hisatake Nojima calls trace minerals “gene minerals” because they go to support the complex structures of DNA. Sulfated ionic minerals are cofactors with enzymes, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and other minerals, and are important for building muscle tissue. They help lower excess blood sugar, support circulation, and help with healing burns, numbness, swelling, and infection (helps send antibodies for recovery). In fact, every mineral has many biochemical functions. For full bibliography and links see Articles on our website.

The special qualities of OxyMin Sparkle produce a supreme form of mineral energized, structured water, literally “living” water. Though we recommend purified water to start, even tap water can be returned to its pristine state. In the body, this water is thoroughly hydrating, bringing greater potency to all life’s processes. Because it is so easily transferred into cells, it improves nutrient absorption. It enhances communication between cells. It is also a detoxifier, as it releases O2, pulling toxins out of the body. Clean, safe water for simple hydration and sanitation is a major world issue.

OxyMin Sparkle
acts as a circulating filter in the body. The concentration increases the level of detoxification, organ support (heart, liver & kidney), and blood sugar regulation and pressure. It also helps with candida, parasites, food allergy, hay fever, fatigue, headaches, palpitations, asthma, and other conditions. Hydration for human physiology is a corrective both internally and topically, such as making for softer skin and healing of skin tissue. Nerves need minerals for relaxation, sleep, and the alleviation of stress. Muscle contraction, bones, and joints also need a lot of hydration.

OxyMin Sparkle
increases the health potential of our other supplements, such as Macro Night, Vita Power, MSM-C, Energy Enzyme Blend, as well as our full spectrum probiotic Friendly Colonizer. Note that larger amounts of OxyMin Sparkle could create a more detox cleansing. Other products Vital Minerals or Krystal Salt both provide a greater synergy that enhances the charged electrical potential of OxyMin Sparkle.

Drinking water, food prep/wash, first aid, dental, face & body washes, baths, spas, disinfectants, deodorizers, and also fish tanks. It is currently used in the remediation of lakes, streams, ponds, waste sites, sewage treatment; also in farming & gardening. It improves the strength of plant stalks. It helps eliminate plastic water bottles for a better environment and land clean up. Check what concentration level is required.


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