100 Grams, 1/2 Pound, and 1 Pound sizes. The most powerful, complete and concentrated green food blend on the market! Contains over 35 carefully combined and extremely concentrated ingredients in a base of potent green juice extracts.

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Well folks, here it is!

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Instructions: 1 heaping tablespoon mixed with water, juice, nut milk or a smoothie. A perfect pick-me-up when combined with water, stevia and some of our concentrated herbal tinctures.

We think this is the most powerful, complete and concentrated green food blend on the market. With over 35 carefully combined and extremely concentrated ingredients, we have packed all the greens, herbs, mushroom tonics and probiotics you could ever eat into one enlivening, mineralizing and gently detoxing mixture.

What separates our mixture from all the other powders on the market? We are the only company to use 19 concentrated extracts in ONE formula! Our extracts are painstakingly low temperature juiced and then spray dried onto whole food powders to combine the best of super nutrients with a natural delivery system and helpful fiber.

Not only do we provide anywhere from 10-200 times the concentration of nutrients found in the standard non-extract powders of our competitors but we exponentially increase the absorbability of our formula with a custom blend of hyper-efficient probiotics and prebiotics.

As though this ethic did not raise the bar high enough, we have added super-powered and world-renowned adaptogenic herb extracts that provide help for every organ and systemic process in the body — from tissue regeneration, brain functioning, liver health, colon health, immune system strength, digestion, blood pressure, endurance, and mood to bone density and skin health.

Finally, to cross the finish line we have re-enforced our Supremely green powder with sea vegetables that provide a full range of vital trace minerals and are reported to help with thyroid functioning and natural cancer and radiation protection, and medicinal mushroom extracts that powerfully boost the immune system in all ways.

The net result of all of these potent nutrients is truly an all-in-one greens powder that reigns supreme.

But wait… we are not done yet…

We even tested the amazing Supremely Green powder in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, peer-reviewed clinical study to test its effectiveness in the most trying conditions possible: professional triathlete competitions. Results came back that indicated a “significant improvement in increasing the overall endurance of the participants while reducing the recovery time that it takes for each to achieve.” See more on this study.

All in all, no other green food powder on the market can even boast a fraction of the same concentrated ingredients, diligent research, and clear results. Most green powders use significantly cheaper ingredients while charging the same or more for their product. But then again… ours is called “Supreme” for a reason!

SUGGESTED RETAIL = 100 gm: $21, 1/2 lb: $36, 1 lb $62